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a-Factor Mating Pheromone (A-Factor)

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a-Factor Mating Pheromone

Convenient aqueous solution for arresting yeast in G1 of the cell cycle. Opposite to the alpha-factor mating pheromone.

Cat # Name Size
a-Factor Mating Pheromone (A-Factor)
500 µl




When yeast “a” and “alpha” cells encounter mating pheromones of the opposite cell type they induce genes necessary for mating, arrest the cell cycle in G1, alter cell surface and nuclear determinants, and also undergo dramatic morphological elongation into pear shapes, affectionately termed “schmooing”. These alterations prepare the yeast cells for mating and fusion to form stable diploids. The a/alpha diploids are not responsive to mating pheromone of either type, but can be induced to undergo meiosis via nutrient deprivation. The use of yeast mating pheromones has pioneered the study of the cell cycle, cellular morphology, transcriptional induction, as well as signal transduction pathways. Zymo Research provides the a-factor peptide mating pheromone as a ready to use liquid that has been optimized for both activity and stability and is guaranteed to retain biological function through multiple freeze-thaw cycles.

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