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Direct-zol™ DNA/RNA Miniprep (10 Preps)

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Direct-zol DNA/RNA Miniprep

DNA & RNA isolation from any sample in TRIzol, TRI Reagent.

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Direct-zol™ DNA/RNA Miniprep (10 Preps)
10 preps




The Direct-zol DNA/RNA kits provide an innovative method for the purification of DNA and total RNA from a variety of samples freshly lysed in TRIzol or similar, including animal cells, tissue, bacteria, yeast, plant, biological liquids and etc.

Upon lysis of the sample with TRIzol or similar, RNA and DNA is bound directly to the Zymo-Spin Column. Then simply spin, wash, and elute high-quality RNA and DNA into separate fractions. No phase separation, precipitation, or post-purification steps are necessary. The eluted nucleic acids are suitable for all subsequent molecular manipulations and analyses including Next-Gen sequencing, RT/qPCR, hybridization, etc.

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