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EZ-96 DNA Methylation MagPrep (4x96 rxns.)

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EZ-96 DNA Methylation MagPrep

Streamlined bisulfite treatment of DNA.

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EZ-96 DNA Methylation MagPrep (4x96 rxns.)
4 x 96 Rxns.




The EZ-96 DNA Methylation MagPrep features a high-throughput (96-well), simplified procedure that streamlines bisulfite conversion of DNA. The kit is based on the three-step reaction that takes place between cytosine and sodium bisulfite during which cytosine is converted into uracil. Desulphonation and clean-up of the converted DNA is performed while bound to the MagBinding Beads. The kit is designed to reduce template degradation and minimize DNA loss during treatment and clean-up, while ensuring complete conversion of the DNA. Purified, converted DNA is ideal for downstream analyses including PCR amplification, endonuclease digestion, sequencing, microarrays, etc.

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