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EZ RNA Methylation Kit (50 prep)

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EZ RNA Methylation Kit

Fast and reliable bisulfite conversion of RNA for methylation analysis.

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EZ RNA Methylation Kit (50 prep)
50 Prep




The EZ RNA Methylation Kit features rapid and reliable bisulfite conversion of cytosines in RNA for methylation analysis. The kit streamlines the three-step process for complete conversion of cytosine in into uracil. RNA denaturation and bisulfite conversion processes are combined into a single step. No buffer preparation is necessary. The RNA Conversion Reagent is provided ready-to-use: simply add the reagent to an RNA sample and incubate as indicated. The innovative in-column desulphonation technology eliminates messy precipitation steps, ensuring researchers obtain consistent results. The product has been designed to minimize template degradation, loss of RNA during treatment and clean-up, and to provide complete conversion of cytosine for accurate methylation analysis. Recovered RNA is ideal for RT-PCR, sequencing, library preparation and Next-Gen sequencing.

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