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Mix & Go! Competent Cells- Zymo 5a (96 x 50 μl)

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Mix & Go! Competent Cells - Zymo 5a

For simple, high efficiency E. coli transformations without heat shock and lengthy incubations.

Cat # Name Size
Mix & Go! Competent Cells- Zymo 5a (96 x 50 μl)
96 x 50 µl




The Mix & Go! E. coli strains are premade, chemically competent cells for simple and highly efficient DNA transformation. Mix & Go!</i? E. coli cells are made chemically competent by a method that completely eliminates the need for heat shocking and related procedures. For transformation, simply mix DNA with cells and then spread onto solid medium ‚àí Mix & Go! The premade Mix & Go! competent cells are highly efficient (> 108 transformants/µg pUC19) and can be used for cloning, sub-cloning, PCR fragment cloning, library construction, etc.

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