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Quick-DNA/RNA Blood Tube Kit (50 Prep)

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Quick-DNA/RNA Blood Tube Kit

Co-Purification from the DNA/RNA Shield Blood Collection Tube

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Quick-DNA/RNA Blood Tube Kit (50 Prep)
50 Prep




The Quick-DNA/RNA™ Blood Tube Kit is designed for use with the DNA/RNA Shield™ – Blood Collection Tube (R1150), enabling worry-free sample storage at ambient temperatures. The purification procedure uses Zymo-Spin column technology. Simply bind the sample onto the Zymo-Spin™ IIICG Column with the aid of reservoirs (vacuum compatible). There is no reagent removal and no pelleting for easy direct whole tube processing. High quality DNA and/or total RNA from 3 ml whole blood is eluted into ‚â•50 ¬µl of DNase/RNase-free water and is ready for any downstream application including RT-PCR, sequencing, etc.

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