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Quick-RNA Soil/Fecal RNA MicroPrep™ Kit (50 Preps)

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Quick-RNA Fecal/Soil Microbe Microprep Kit

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Quick-RNA Soil/Fecal RNA MicroPrep™ Kit (50 Preps)
50 preps




The Quick-RNA Soil/Fecal Microbe Microprep is an innovative product designed for the simple, reliable, and rapid isolation of total RNA including small RNAs (>17 nt) from various soil, sludge, sediment and/or fecal samples. The procedure successfully isolates RNA from tough-to-lyse bacteria, fungi, protozoa (protist), algae, etc. in soil, and host RNA from fecal samples. Samples are added to the ZR BashingBead Lysis Tube with an optimally designed S/F RNA Lysis Buffer where microbes are then lysed by bead beating to extract total RNA. The Zymo-Spin column technology allows for quick filtration, genomic DNA removal from sample lysates, and isolation of the RNA. Zymo-Spin III-HRC Spin Filter separates RT-PCR inhibitors (e.g., humic acids, polyphenols, tannins) and the total RNA is concentrated using the Zymo-Spin IC Column with a minimum elution volume of ≥6 µl.

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