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Quick-RNA™ MidiPrep Kit (25 Preps)

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Quick-RNA Midiprep Kit

Isolate total RNA and small/miRNA from cells and soft tissue

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Quick-RNA™ MidiPrep Kit (25 Preps)
25 preps




The Quick-RNA Midiprep Kit is designed for the easy, reliable, and rapid isolation of up to 1 mg total RNA from cultured cells or tissue samples. The procedure combines a unique, single-step RNA extraction/binding buffer with Clean-Spin™ column technology to yield high quality RNA in about 10 minutes. The Quick-RNA™ Midiprep Kit allows for the efficient recovery of total RNA from 103 to 108 cells or tissue. The method is easy: simply add the provided ZR RNA Buffer to extract total RNA from the cells of interest then purify the RNA using the provided Zymo-Spin™ V-E Columns. The result is highly-concentrated, purified RNA that is suitable for subsequent RNA-based methods including RT-PCR, hybridization, etc.

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