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RRHP 5-hmC Library Prep Kit (25 preps.)

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RRHP 5-hmC Library Prep Kit

Genome-wide 5-hmC analysis.

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RRHP 5-hmC Library Prep Kit (25 preps.)
25 Preps




The RRHP 5-hmC Library Prep Kit is an all-inclusive solution for analysis of genome-wide 5-hydroxymethylcytosine (5-hmC) positions at single-base resolution. The Reduced Representation Hydroxymethylation Profiling (RRHP) method is based on blocking MspI digestion by glucosylating 5-hmC within MspI recognition sites. Fragments lacking glucosylated 5-hmC at the adapter-ligation junction will be cleaved and not amplified by PCR. Therefore, only fragments containing 5-hmC will be successfully amplified and analyzed by Next-Generation Sequencing. Fragments with higher 5-hmC levels will be correlated with higher frequency of sequencing reads. RRHP bypasses the need for bisulfite conversion, which allows for DNA inputs as low as 100 ng, lower sequencing depth, and straight-forward bioinformatics processing.

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