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ssDNA/RNA Clean & Concentrator™ Kit (20 Preps)

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ssDNA/RNA Clean & Concentrator

Separation of single-stranded nucleic acids from double-stranded nucleic acids.

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ssDNA/RNA Clean & Concentrator™ Kit (20 Preps)
20 Preps




The ssDNA/RNA Clean & Concentrator provides a simple and reliable method for the rapid separation, clean-up, and concentration of 10 µg per prep of single stranded DNA and/or RNA (e.g., short transcripts, probes, primers) from double stranded species (e.g., genomic DNA).This simple 10 minute procedure is based on the use of a unique single-buffer system and Zymo-Spin column technology. Single stranded DNA or RNA ≥ 17 to 200 nucleotides (e.g., short transcripts, probes, primers) can be safely treated and recovered using this kit. The result is highly concentrated, purified ssDNA/RNA that is suitable for subsequent molecular methods including PCR, RT-PCR, hybridization, etc.

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