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Zymo Environ Water RNA Kit (50 preps)

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Zymo Environ Water RNA Kit

RNA extraction for viral wastewater surveillance.

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Zymo Environ Water RNA Kit (50 preps)
50 preps




The Zymo Environ Water RNA Kit simplifies COVID-19 wastewater surveillance by increasing viral enrichment, inactivating pathogens, and improving limits of detection. The use of Urine Conditioning Buffer (UCB) promotes the pelleting of viral capsids and protein-associated RNA, increasing SARS-CoV-2 RNA yields by more than 8-fold. DNA/RNA Shield™ allows for safe handling as it has been validated for inactivation of pathogens including SARS-CoV-2. Finally, the workflow yields highly concentrated, PCR inhibitor-free RNA ready for downstream applications including RT-qPCR, RT-ddPCR, and NGS.

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