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Zymo-Seq ATAC Library Kit

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Zymo-Seq ATAC Library Kit

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Zymo-Seq ATAC Library Kit
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Zymo-Seq ATAC Library Kit provides a simple and streamlined workflow for Assay for Transposase Accessible Chromatin with high throughput Sequencing (ATAC-Seq) library preparation from mammalian cell and tissue input. This all-inclusive kit features an easy to follow protocol capable of preparing ATAC-Seq libraries from as little as 50,000 cells in as little as 4 hours with minimal hands on time. Initial cell lysis is gentle, ensuring that while the important nuclei are spun out of the lysed cell and collected, the contaminating mitochondrial DNA stays within the cell and is discarded. Next, the transposase, preloaded with Illumina adaptors, simultaneously fragments and tags (tagments) open chromatin regions in one rapid reaction. Finally, the tagmented DNA is indexed and amplified via PCR with UDI Tag Primer Set, generating high quality libraries that are ready to be sequenced on any Illumina instrument.

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