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Zymo-Seq miRNA Library Kit (12 prep)

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Zymo-Seq miRNA Library Kit (12 prep)

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Zymo-Seq miRNA Library Kit (12 prep)
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The Zymo-Seq™ miRNA Library Kit is an innovative small RNA sequencing library prep kit that uses a single-adapter and circularization strategy to reduce ligation bias and provide accurate small RNA profiling from cell-free RNA (cfRNA) and total RNA. This simple, streamlined workflow minimizes hands-on time and uses gel-free removal of adapter dimers to generate stranded small RNA libraries from plasma, biofluids, cells, tissues, and more. To prepare Zymo-Seq™ miRNA libraries, RNA is ligated to the single miRNA adapter and the ligated product is circularized. Excess adapter is blocked and removed with specialized magnetic beads that allow a completely gel-free workflow for input as low as 1 ng. The circularized miRNA-adapter product is then reverse transcribed. The resulting cDNA is amplified using Indexing PCR primers which add on Illumina-compatible adapter and unique dual index (UDI) sequences for cost-effective multiplexing. Everything needed to make sequencing-ready libraries, including indexing primers and SPRI beads, are included in the kit. It’s RNA-Seq made simple.

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