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Zymolyase Ultra (2,000 U)

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Zymolyase Ultra

Zymolyase Ultra

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Zymolyase Ultra (2,000 U)
2,000 U




Digestion of yeast and fungal cell walls is necessary for many experimental procedures. Lytic enzymes like Zymolyase, Lyticase, Glucanase or Chitinase are routinely used for digestion of cell walls. Distinguished from conventional lytic enzymes, Zymolyase Ultra is a novel formulation of enzyme that is optimized for efficient yeast cell wall digestion. It contains enzymes that can degrade several different components of yeast cell walls. It is extensively purified using a novel DNA/RNA removal technology that results in extremely low nucleic acid contamination. It is suitable for qPCR and sequencing-based assays where low DNA/RNA contamination is critical.

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